High-end restaurants have been using sous-vide cooking for a long time, so why is sous-vide cooking popular and should you consider sous-vide for your business? Continue reading to find out more or jump to a specific section in the list below. 

  1. What is sous-vide cooking?
  2. Is sous-vide food healthy?
  3. Is it a safe cooking method?
  4. Is sous-vide suitable for your business? 
  5. What should you look for in a sous-vide cooker?


What is sous-vide cooking?

Sous-vide is a slow cooking method by vacuum seal and a warm water bath. This is a technique that uses precise temperature control to produce consistent results. 

How does it work?

The immersion circulator (or sous-vide cooker) regulates the water temperature, keeping it precisely at the desired warmness to slow cook food, retaining its moisture and nutrients while deeply infusing flavours from the salt, herbs and other ingredients that you cook with. 

This is very useful in cooking dishes like rendang, braised meat or poultry and tough meat. Other uses of sous-vide cooking include perfectly cooked poached eggs, soft boiled eggs and even creme brulee!

With meat like beef and lamb, the sous-vide method is good for retaining an even temperature. The downside is that it can’t brown your meat, but with the right temperature and cooking time, your vegetables will always turn out perfect.

Here’s a tip: 

When cooking steak, take the meat out of the water bath, towel-dry the meat completely, and pan sear the meat on high heat for 2-3 minutes to create that beautiful brown crust.

Sous-vide chicken breast

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Is sous-vide food healthy?

Sous-vide cooking is healthier than other methods of cooking. When you cook sous-vide, your food absorbs flavours more effectively, enhancing flavour better than other types of cooking methods like flame cooking, steaming and boiling. 

You will need less salt and flavouring to make your food taste great! The vacuum seal and controlled temperature retain moisture, vitamins and minerals, making your food even more nutritious and delicious than common stove-top cooking.

If you’re running a healthcare kitchen or a fit meal restaurant, the cooking method is highly recommended for you, as it works very well retaining the nutrients and flavours without overcooking, burning or undercooking.


Is it a safe cooking method?

Yes, sous-vide cooking is safe.

Here’s why… 

Sous-vide cooking uses low regulated temperature to cook your food while keeping it at the desired temperature in a vacuum-sealed bag made, specifically, for sous-vide cooking. The material polyethylene, used to make sous-vide bags are the same material found in food-grade plastic bags, which is safe to use for cooking at a temperature below 96°C (which is the maximum temperature for cooking with sous-vide.


A core probe (or sous-vide thermometer)

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The sous-vide cooking delivers consistent results without fail, is safe, good for retaining nutrients and deeply infusing flavours.

To see it in action, here’s a video to demonstrate the use of a sous-vide cooker

You’re probably asking now… 

Is sous-vide suitable for your business?

Professional chefs use this method for easy quality control, and we recommend it for busy kitchens and restaurants, healthcare kitchens and businesses serving fitmeals. Sous-vide cookers will do the cooking for you while maintaining consistency. 


The pros:

  • Impossible to overcook food.
  • Minimum supervision as you can let it cook on its own.
  • Digitally controlled temperature for precision and consistent results.
  • Great for food regeneration, infusing flavours, and especially for food that requires long hours of cooking.
  • The vacuum-seal will keep your food safe from outside exposure if you are not serving immediately.
  • Suitable for batch-cooking and saves labour.


The cons:

  • You can’t brown your meat.
  • Requires additional equipment. (i.e vacuum sealer machine) 
  • Requires more attention to food safety and hygiene.
  • You will need to find the correct temperature and time to cook each item, but once you get it right, your food will turn out perfect every time!


What should you look for in a sous-vide cooker?


  • Durability: Reinforced and made from robust material.
  • Portability: Ergonomic design for easy handling and transporting from one container to the other.
  • Tracking: Allows you to collect and export data such as cooking results, recipe memory and temperature control on mobile.
  • User-friendly: Includes a display that offers all the information at one glance, making it easy to operate.


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