Rational Production Unitray

by Rational Production

Trolley for the distribution of hot and cold food on a customised tray. Food regeneration equipment / thermo-ventilated temperature maintenance with built-in ventilated refrigeration.

Rational Production



Command panel: made of extremely shock-resistant thermoformed ABS.
Top cover: in thermoformed ABS and aluminium, with built-in barrier.
Push handle: ergonomic, horizontal grip designed to protect the hands.
Body: in aluminium treated with high-density anodic oxidation and easy-to-clean, shock-resistant HPL panels.
Doors: standard configuration with 2 doors, featuring a 270° angle of opening.
Optional 4-door configuration with 270° Roman blind angle of opening.
All-round bumper in high-density polyethylene.


Chamber: in stainless steel, folds back fully and features flush surface joints to allow easy cleaning.
Rotor fan cover and tray supports: in easily removable and washable stainless steel.
Divider: In aluminium and synthetic material, fully washable, also in washing tunnel, with seals that can be replaced directly by the operator without the use of tools and without removing the divider.


Composed of an aluminium frame, an outer panel in HPL, a central panel of insulating material and two inner panels in stainless steel.
Easily removable silicon seals.
Angle of opening 270°.
Automatic closure with mechanism built into the edge to prevent knocks and breakages.
Optional key locking system.


AISI304 stainless steel, aluminium, synthetic material.


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