Alto-Shaam 1000-UP Double-Compartment Holding Cabinet

by Alto-Shaam


1000-UP Double Compartment Holding Cabinet

The 1000-UP contains two (2) individually controlled holding compartments that are encased with the original Halo Heat® technology and enclosed in heavy-duty stainless steel exterior and doors. Each compartment has one (1) simple control.



Capacity (per compartment) – 120 pounds (54 kilograms), 8 sheet pans.

Twice the holding in the same footprint – The 1000-UP Heated Holding Cabinet is essentially one 1000-S stacked on top of another, in a common upright chassis. Each compartment features independent temperature controls.

Precision controls – A large digital readout ensures holding at the optimal temperature. Optional multi-shelf timers also are available to help facilitate a first-in, first-out rotation schedule.

Reach-in or pass-through design – The reach-in design features one door, and the pass-through design features doors on two sides, offering more versatile access to staged foods.

Optional window doors for proofing – The optional window doors optimizes visibility of products being held.


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