Kolb Bun Divider

by Kolb

Bun Divider features:
● Hydraulic system to control operation
● Adjustable rounding pressure and rounding time
● Adjustable rounding radius for better rounding quality
● Larger base to provide more stability
● Rounding plate is made of material with static electricity treatment
● Required two hands at the same time to start the machine to protect the operator
● Automatic or Semi-Automatic models for your choice



Bun Divider

Technical Data

Model-Nr. GC-1036  Automatic GC-1146 Semi-auto
Dimension (WxDxH)(mm) 706x696x1640 640x780x2050
Moulding range 30~100g 30~100g
Divisions 30 30
Voltage (V) 400V/3ph/PE/50~60Hz 400V/3ph/PE/50~60Hz
Weight(KG) 460 360
Current(A) 2.28 2.28
Power(kW) 1.5 1.5


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