Kolb Deck Oven Laguna

by Kolb

● Special heating element design, optimizing baking result
● Remarkable stability, low maintenance cost, to ensure working efficiency
● Special heat protected glass door, designed for easy observation and premium image
● Powerful steam system, adjustable temperature, energy saving and easy to operate
● Outstanding insulation, plus special stone, energy saving
● Modular design with different deck height, different combinations to meet your needs
● Stainless steel structure, built for life time
● Optional: fully programmable PCB and USB, ideal for bakery chains




Model- Nr. GC-1019
4deck Laguna 1200×800
3deck Laguna 1200×800
3deck Laguna 1200×600
3deck Laguna 600×800
Number of Baking Chambers 4 3 3 3
Baking Chamber Dimension(WxD)(mm) 1230×920 1230×920 1230×720 920×640
Total Tray Capacity 4pcs per deck 4pcs per deck 3pcs per deck 3pcs per deck
Outside Dimension (WxDxH)(mm) 1555x1420x1965 1555x1420x1840 1555x1420x1840 962x1420x1840
Voltage(V) 230-400V /3ph/ PE/50~60Hz 230-400V /3ph/ PE/50~60Hz 230-400V /3ph/ PE/50~60Hz 230-400V /3ph/ PE/50~60Hz
Power & Current with steam 37.2kw/58.4A 27.9kw/43.8A 25.2kw/40.8A 18.6kw/28.8A
Approx.Weight(kg) 870 690 620 452


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