Friulinox Silver AG48 (Gelato Ice Cream Storage Freezer)



Friulinox Silver Cabinets (Gelato Ice Cream Storage Freezer)

Hold your containers silently and with no waste. The construction allows you to gently preserve your ice cream, reduce loss, and ensure greater efficiency.

Forced and ducted ventilation does not directly affect the product, allowing more delicate preservation, without superficial oxidation of the product. Intelligent electric defrosting is controlled by a thermostat that monitors the set parameters and determines when the evaporator must be defrosted, guaranteeing the conservation quality of your ice cream. The self-closing doors and the insulation with a thickness of 75 mm, a membrane card control equipped with HACCP functions, allows Friulinox conservative cabinets to reduce dispersions and ensure a greater yield in terms of efficiency, allowing the use of compressors with a lower displacement with consequent reduction of consumption for the benefit of your work environment and your accounts.


  • External sides in stainless steel (satin Scotch-Brite)
  • Plasticized external back and external bottom in AISI 304 steel
  • Fully rounded internal coating in stainless steel
  • Internal bottom molded to contain
  • Insulation in high-density polyurethane foam (about 42 kg / m3), 75 mm thick, without HCFC
  • Copper-aluminum evaporating coil, cataphoresis painted with non-toxic epoxy resin
  • Condensing coil in painted iron with high thermal efficiency
  • Anti-condensation resistance, placed on the body under the magnetic seal stop
  • Stainless steel door (satin Scotch-Brite)
  • Self-closing, with 105 ° opening lock
  • Full height handle and magnetic gasket on 4 sides of the door
  • Stainless steel feet Ø 2 ”adjustable H 150 ÷ ​​180 mm with anti-scratch cap


  • 5 shelves on adjustable guides and stainless steel uprights
  • Possibility to use 2 steps for positioning guides (35-50 mm)


  • Ventilated evaporator to ensure maximum efficiency of the cooling system
  • R404A refrigerant fluid
  • Automatic electric defrost
  • Automatic condensation water evaporation system without electricity supply


  • Digital remote thermostat with 2 NTC probes (cell and defrost end)
  • Timer for activation of continuous hardening cycle (max 6h) and switching from continuous cycle to automatically thermostated cycle.
  • Intelligent defrost with the insertion of an electric resistance only when necessary for a frosted evaporator
  • Thermal protector with automatic reset to protect the compressor
  • Ventilation stop micro switch inside the door opening
  • Door lock with key


  • Water condensed version
  • Version prepared with a remote group
  • Right / left door reversal kit
  • Swivel wheels kit
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