HALLDE Blender SB-4

by Hallde

Blender SB-4 fast and easy cleaning, Exemplary safety, Outstanding quality, Light weight – easy moving and storing.



HALLDE Blender SB-4

Why choose a HALLDE Blender SB-4

  • Hinged lid holder with safety switch – patented
  • Variable speed 700-15 000, pulsefunction
  • Process from 2 dl up to 4 litres
  • Motor placed behind the jug:
    – Optimum working height
    – Stable machine
  • Jug with well thought-out design:
    – Transparent enables to follow the process
    – Exceptionally impact and heat resistant
    – Two solid handles
    – Hole in the lid for easy feeding of liquid
    – Non-drop edge
    – Shaped to reduce processing time
    – Measures litres, ounces and cups
  • Fast and easy cleaning
  • Exemplary safety
  • Outstanding quality
  • Light weight – easy moving and storing

Type of processing

Blends, mixes, whips, stirs, chops and mashes mixtures that are rich in liquids, such as herb oils, sauces, soups, thickenings, pastry mixtures, salad dressings, desserts, fruit drinks, cocktails, milkshakes, smoothies etc.

Suitable for: 

HALLDE’s Blender SB-4 suits restaurants, bars, fast food kitchens, hospitals, diet kitchens, schools, catering kitchens, supermarkets etc.


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