HALLDE Vegetable-Preparation Machine RG-350

by Hallde

Vegetable-Preparation Machine RG-350 is one of HALLDE’s strongest and most efficient vegetable preparation machines. It has two different types of feeders (manual feeder ergo loop and feed hopper). The larger 215 mm cutting tools enable larger volumes to be processed.



Vegetable-Preparation Machine RG-350

Processes up to 1 200 portions per day, 12 kg per minute with the manual feeder and 30 kg per minute with the feed hopper.
Slices, grates, shreds, dices cuts julienne, crimping slices and French fries in a variety of dimensions…

RG-350 suits large sized kitchens; airport catering, hospital, care homes, bakery, hotel, catering, marine, military canteen, prison, restaurant, school, food industry, supermarkets (back house cutting), fast food restaurants (catering cutting) etc.

  • 2 separate feeders for maximum efficiency
    – Manual push feeder – Ergo-loop – gives a leverage effect
    – Feed Hopper – for continuous feeding of round products
  • Stainless steel cutting tools
  • Cutting tools with replaceable knife blades
  • A precise and clean cut
  • Full moon shaped large feed cylinder
  • Time saving
  • The design of the handle gives a leverage effect, Ergo-loop
  • Efficient start/ stop function for continuous feeding
  • Leaning design, easy to feed
  • Built-in tube feeder
  • Fast and easy cleaning
  • Handles, enables easy moving
  • Suitable on a machine table
  • Exemplary safety
  • Robust heavy duty machine
  • Outstanding quality, carefully selected materials


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