Maruzen New Power Cook Series Gas Range

by Maruzen

MARUZEN POWER COOK GAS RANGE (RGR-SERIES), a top-graded gas range with high-power burner and large full-surface trivet that meets high demands of commercial chefs.



Top-quality gas stove oven combo range with high-power burner and large full-surface trivet.

A commercial cooking equipment meant for chefs working in hotels and restaurants.

Series line-up: Gas range, gas table/stove, soup range, heat top range, fry top range, grooved griddle, char broiler, fryer, salamander.

Power Cook Gas Range Features 

  • Piezoelectrically auto-ignited top burner.
  • Equipped with New Universal Burner.
  • Simply operated top burner gas cock.
  • One of the best high-power burners in the industry with 3 types of fire capacity.
  • Pilot burner placed below drip receiver, with protective cover to avoid clogging.
  • Placement of burners according to usage.
  • Single and double ring burner.
  • Oven with safety shut-off device.
  • Durable and strong large full-surface trivet.
  • 3 types of front rail.
  • Ranges are available with convection oven as well, for quick serving and large volume cooking.
  • Available with “No back guard” type (specify when place order).
  • Parts warranty included.

Models of gas range available:

  1. With normal type oven.
  2. With convection oven.
  3. With both normal type and convection oven.


Download PDF available below for full Maruzen power cook gas range series

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