Winterhalter Commercial Warewasher PT-500

by Winterhalter


Short heat-up times and short washing cycles: hood up, rack out, new rack in, hood down. The P50 is designed for speed and economic efficiency.


Sparkling clean. Hygienically clean. The P50 guarantees first-class washing quality. For cleanliness and hygiene of the highest standard.


Self-explanatory colour display. Only two different washing programmes. Temperature display. Operation of the P50 is easy and intuitive.


Fast maintenance and troubleshooting: the integrated error management system and simple access to the components make the P50 particularly easy to service.

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Winterhalter Commercial Warewasher PT-500


Manufactured in Asia. Made to the highest German quality standards. Specially designed for the requirements of Asian customers. And it has been stripped down to the essentials: good wash results, powerful and reliable to operate, simple to use. The P50 rack passthrough dishwasher is a professional warewashing solution at an attractive price.  All the expertise of Winterhalter, the worldwide specialist in warewashing, has gone into the machine. And it meets the high demands of first-class warewashing quality and maximum efficiency.

The standard equipment of the P50 includes »EnergyLight« waste water heat recovery: the heat exchanger uses the energy from the waste water to heat the cold inlet water. The advantage: you save on resources and energy costs are reduced by up to 10% per wash cycle.

The cleaner the wash water, the better the wash result. That’s why the P50 comes with a triple wash water filtration system. Coarse dirt is caught by a strainer. A fine filter with removable filter cassette takes care of smaller dirt particles. And the pump inlet filter protects the pump from mechanical damage. The result: continually clean wash water for the best wash results.

Behind the P50 rack passthrough dishwasher there is a carefully considered concept for perfect hygiene and convenient cleaning. The interior of the machine is smooth and has no joints. There is a special hygienic rack guide. The tank is deep-drawn and has a hygienic heating element. All this means: there are no nooks, crannies or concealed corners in the interior in which dirt can accumulate or deposits can form. In conjunction with the integrated self-cleaning programme, the cleaning work required by your staff is therefore kept to a minimum. A neat solution.

The last thing you do before you go home: the P50 has a guided self-cleaning programme to ensure the machine works perfectly for many years. Fully automatic cleaning of the interior of the machine is started via the display. User-friendly pictograms on the display then guide you through the subsequent manual cleaning stages. The drain pump takes any residual water out of the machine and prevents deposits and odours.

Better safe than sorry: with just the press of a button on the P50’s control display you can see exactly what the current tank and boiler temperatures are. This enables you to monitor the temperature quickly and easily, safe in the knowledge that hygiene is guaranteed throughout the wash cycle. Hygienic cleaning starts from a temperature of 60 °C.

The P50 is available with an optional integrated softener: it is built into the machine to save space and provides continuous soft water using the principle of ion exchange. Detergent and rinse aid work at their best in soft water and deliver improved wash results. At the same time, limescale deposits in the machine are reduced and the long-term damage associated with limescale is prevented.

The heart of the P50: inside the machine, two elliptical wash fields at the top and bottom deliver optimal washing quality. These are the result of many years of development, and their shape and the specific geometry of their jets provide maximum coverage and washing power.

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