Alto-Shaam 1000-SK/III Deluxe Control Smoker Oven

by Alto-Shaam

Take your menu to the next level with the 1000-SK/III Deluxe Control Smoker Oven. Smoke everything from salmon to cheese using the hot or cold smoking options. Our Halo Heat® technology provides a gentle heat, smoking your food to perfection while also providing a better yield.



Alto-Shaam single compartment 1000-SK/III Smoker oven is constructed with a stainless steel exterior. Oven includes a stainless steel door with magnetic latch. Oven interior includes two (2) completely removable, non-magnetic stainless steel side racks with eleven (11) pan positions spaced on 1-3/8″ (35mm) centers, two (2) stainless steel wire shelves, one (1) stainless steel rib rack, a removable stainless steel drip pan with drain and a wood chip container. Oven is furnished with an exterior, front mounted stainless steel drip tray and one (1) sample bag each of cherry, hickory, apple, and maple wood chips. Oven includes one (1) set of 3-1/2″ (89mm) casters — 2 rigid, and 2 swivel with brake.

Deluxe control includes a 4 digit LED display, On/Off button, cook temperature button with an adjustable cook range from 200°F to 325°F (93°C to 162°C); cook time control button with set-points from 1 minute to 24 hours; smoke time control button with set- points from 1 minute to 1 hour; probe control button with adjustable set-points between 50°F and 195°F (10°C to 91°C); and hold temperature button with an adjustable hold range from 60°F to 205°F (15°C to 96°C). Control includes eight (8) programmable menu buttons with locking capability along with the ability to set individual cook and hold parameters; hold mode count-up timer, indicator lights for operation status; and start button. The control has a built-in lock out feature and is equipped with a voltage conversion feature to match the line voltage provided by the electric power supplier.


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