Carpigiani Readychef- Counter Top Batch Freezer and Pastry Machine

Carpigiani-gelato-soft-serveBy Carpigiani

Gelato and pastry in just one counter-top machine.




Carpigiani Readychef- Counter Top Batch Freezer and Pastry Machine

An entire gelato, pastry and chocolate production process with one counter top machine.


  • 16 Gelato programs: 8 artisanal gelato, 2 Sicilian and slush, 6 sauces and toppings.
  • 16 Pastry programs: 4 different types of creams, 8 chocolate programs, 4 special programs (useful for desserts and gelato). Ideal for pastry and chocolate shops

Additional Quality:

  1. Optional special beater for ice cream production program.


  • Beater without central shaft, but with POM blades for total extraction of gelato
  • Because of its self-regulating scraper blades, it constantly cleans the cylinder and increases the yielding area.
  • Post-cooling: The activation of cold temperatures are to maintain the consistency of the extracted gelato.
  • LCD display shows the ingredients to be added during production, thus to facilitate the operator in the execution of the recipes.
  • Machine comes with recipe book.


  • Removable versatile shelf that can be mounted in 3 positions: Position 1 for traditional trays, Position 2 for round tubs, and Position 3 saves space (when not in use).

Additional Convenience:

  1. Optional Sprayer with quick coupling for easy connection and disconnection (equipped with a support to hold it in place).


  • Carries out the whole production process for gelato, pastry and chocolate.


  • Rounded corners that prevents unwanted accidents to occur.
  • Auto defrost procedure initiated to restart production when power failure or accidental stoppage happens during the gelato production process.

Additional Safety:

  1. Optional Teorema: Hence, the use of Internet makes monitoring and diagnosing easier.


  • One-piece cylinder to increase cleanliness and guaranteed hygiene.
  • Facilitates cleaning, for instance, with hot wash, detachable extraction chute and Scotch-Brite treatment.
  • The cleaning cycle takes time but it guarantees hygienic state with temperature control in the cylinder when the gelato is extracted.

** Therefore, request a Carpi Care Kit from your dealer to keep your machine in a germ-free condition.


For more information on the Carpigiani Ready Chef, Click HERE

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