Carpigiani Pastochef RTL- Electronic Pasteurizing Machine 


by Carpigiani

Electronic pasteurizing machines for confectioners and gastronomy.

Pastochef RTL machines mix, cook, pasteurize, cool, age and store in perfect hygiene, the many specialties that confectioners, gelato makers, chocolatiers and chefs create in their workshops.

Available in Pastochef 18 RTL, Pastochef 32 RTL, Pastochef 55 RTL


Carpigiani Pastochef RTL- Electronic Pasteurizing Machine


Carpigiani Pastochef RTL an electronic pasteurizing equipment for confectionery and gastronomy. It is also a fundamental aid when it comes to using automated programs to prepare recipes that usually require a great deal of time and manual work. On the bright side, these pasteurizing machines possess the very latest Carpigiani technology.

Below are certain results and maximum practical uses of the Pastochef:

  • Heats and cools with dry bain-marie with no build-up. Hence, the constant power consumption and performance over time.
  • Beater with 8 different mixing systems, with speed from slow to fast. Continuous to intervals, in regards to mixing altogether every type of ingredient that will be used.


  • 46 complete automatic programs and 5 free programs.
  • Each program uses a customary temperature to mold the product, but it can be personalized as well.
  • The display works as a guide to introduce ingredients to the user.


  • 2 extraction taps to dispense liquid and dense products.
  • The double lid with a large hopper, on the other hand, allows ingredients to be added comfortably safe.
  • Shelf in steel with a rubber mat makes attachment possible in three different positions to hold containers and trays of various sizes firmly in place.
  • Recipe book is provided.


  • Enables machine operators to handle their tasks in a quicker pace and consumes lesser time.


  • After the safety valve is unlocked, the extraction tap will be open.
  • Transparent protection to avoid splashing of hot product while dispensing.
  • Blackout and water supply cutoff due to time and temperature parameters. The machine diagnoses the mix thoroughly, just in case it suffers  from an alteration or not. Hence, a restart of a new pasteurization is possible. 

Additional Safety:

  1. Optional Teorema: The use of Internet makes visible monitoring and diagnosing easier at anytime of the day.


  • Ability to dismantle, clean and inspect the tap in order to obtain a machine with maximum hygiene.

** Therefore, request a Carpi Care Kit from your dealer to keep your machine in a germ-free condition.

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