VITAMIX Drink Machine Two-Speed

by Vitamix

The Vitamix Drink Machine Two-Speed combines power and functionality into one blender. Manually control the High/Low speed capability to create delicious frozen coffee drinks, fruit smoothies, bubble teas (and more) with a consistent drink quality.




1) 2.3-HP Motor
Designed to combat overheating when blending thicker and denser ingredients, the Drink Machine Two-Speed results in relatively cooler operations.

2) Sturdy and Intuitive Controls
Sturdy, easy-to-use High/Low speed control provides the durability required in demanding environments and minimises training time. Now comes with an improved grip that allows for more efficient machine handling.

3) Powerful Blades
The Drink Machine Two-Speed’s blades create enough torque to crush 1.4 litres of cubed ice in seconds – an immensely valuable kitchen workflow optimisation to any fast-paced establishment!

4) Clear, Durable 1.4L Container
The 1.4-liter container pulls ingredients into the blades for efficiency and improved speed of service. It blends both low-volume and high-volume beverages and comes with a removable lid plug, making it easy to add ingredients while blending.

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