Friulinox Blast Chiller RBS050RA 5 Tray (Ready Series)

by Friulinox


  • Pre-cooling function.
  • Blast freeze by soft and hard timed or core probe blast freezing.
  • Infinite time cycle with settable room set-point.
  • Customize blast chilling and freezing cycles (memorize up to 99 cycles).
  • Automatic storing at end of blast freezing cycle.
  • Automatic recognition of the 4-point core probe, if inserted into the product to blast chill/freeze.
  • Core probe heating.
  • Timed manual defrosting.
  • Sterilization (optional).
  • 5-inch TOUCH display.
  • Connection via card to printer or PC (HACCP).



Friulinox Ready Blast Freezer Shock Freezer 5 Tray

The Ready Cabinets are built for commercial use in various F&B businesses to reduce the chilling time for quick, easy storage and versatility.

Suitable for Gastronomy, Pastry, Bakery and Frozen Dessert businesses to quickly blast freeze, defrost, and store food with precise temperature control supported by a 4-measure-point needle probe.

The leak-proof cabinet evenly distributes airflow that rapidly cools down food while using a patented hot gas defrosting system that defrosts food in a shorter time.

This line of blast freezers can store from 5 up to 24 trays of all sizes.

Friulinox Ready Series Blast Freezer Main Features

  • 0.8 mm-thick stainless steel external sides and door (Scotch-Brite satin finish)
  • Stainless steel internal coating with fully rounded corners
  • Leakproof and die-moulded internal base
  • Full-length flush ergonomic handle
  • 1 mm-thick stainless steel top (Scotch-Brite satin finish)
  • HCFC-free high-density polyurethane foam insulation (approx. 42 kg/m³)
  • Anti-condensation heating element on the body frame, under the stop
  • Magnetic seal on 4 sides of the door
  • Highly ventilated evaporator to ensure the cooling system’s maximum efficiency
  • Indirect-flow electric fans – made of composite material – on the product

Cooling System

  • Hermetic compressor (semi-hermetic for the RBS-122 model)
  • R452A eco-friendly refrigerant fluid
  • Copper-aluminium evaporating coil, cataphoresis-painted with non-toxic epoxy resin
  • Copper condensing coil with high thermal efficiency aluminium fins
  • Patented hot gas defrosting system
  • Non-powered defrosting and condensed water evaporation device

Internal Setup:

  • Quick-release heated core probe with 4 measuring points
  • Removable stainless steel double-track guides (GN-EN), equipped with an anti-tip system
  • Side guide-supporting uprights with 18 mm-pitch holes

Controls and Safety Device:

  • 5″ high-definition TOUCH display
  • Pictogram and text-identifiable processes
  • USB connection for uploading and downloading data/recipes
  • Compressor-protecting automatic-reset thermal circuit breaker


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