Rational Production DS-PRO Meal Distribution System

Rational Production DS-PRO System

DSPRO SYSTEM is intended for usability and reliability, designed to perfectly integrate its two souls: an avant-garde and functional station and a solid, simple and light shuttle trolley. This meal distribution trolley is the natural evolution of the Rational Production dissociated technology system that uses the ALUFRAME construction to redefine once again this product category standards.

  • Designed for any type of installation, the DSPRO station can be secured to the wall, mounted on a fixed frame or on a frame with wheels.
  • Chambers and ventilation carter: stainless steel with large bending rays and flush surfaces joints to facilitate cleaning.
  • Control panel: made of thermoformed ABS, extremely resistant to impacts.

Rational Production


Rational Production DS-PRO System

For Hospital

Rational Production DSPRO SYSTEM (Meal Distribution Trolley) is the convection dissociated technology system made of the DSPRO station and the PROSERV shuttle. Designed to simplify meal distribution on trays, it allows food to be transported in a compact, lightweight, ergonomic and economical shuttle. Connecting the two elements creates the DSPRO SYSTEM, the ideal solution for heating cycles in Cook&Serve, Cook&Chill and Cook&Freeze modes. The DSPRO station is the high performance and hi-tech active system element, installed in a fixed position to run heating cycles. The PROSERV shuttle, without on-board technology, is the moving element intended to transport and distribute food.

DSPRO Station

Designed for any type of installation, the DSPRO station can be secured to the wall, mounted on a fixed frame or on a frame with wheels. Elegant and innovative, DSPRO stands out for its elegant design and attention to detail; the doors (optional) used to close the front compartment when not used, perfectly match the station streamlined design and amaze due to the graceful electromechanical closing system and space-saving opening mechanism. Air flows for hot and cold cycles are activated upon connection between the shuttle and the station, whose two front compartments are fully made of stainless steel (CNS), while the frame is made of anodized aluminum. Special gaskets guarantee the air sealing between the two compartments and the shuttle. A clear, simple, modern and intuitive interface meets any cycle or planning control need. Access to different and password-protected menus guarantees high levels of safety.

PROSERV shuttle

The PROSERV shuttle is the passive element of the system that, once connected to the DSPRO station, maintains and regenerates the food packaged and loaded inside it. Equipped with an efficient built-in insulation system with a thermal profiles positioned around the chamber perimeter, PROSERV guarantees correct temperature maintaining during the transport and handling phases. Tray insertion is facilitated by the special gaskets on the wall that guarantee perfect separation between the hot and cold zones. The upper cover, equipped with a built-in barrier, offers an ample support surface able to transport up to 20 kg loads. The hygienic design, characterized by smoothed angles and flush AISI304 stainless steel surfaces, facilitates cleaning operations.


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