Friulinox Blast Chiller BF122AG (GO Series)

by Friulinox



  • Pre-cooling function
  • Soft and Hard timed or core probe blast chilling/freezing.
  • Infinite time cycle with settable room set-point.
  • Customize blast chilling and freezing cycles (memorize up to 99 cycles).
  • Automatic storing at end of blast chilling/freezing cycle.
  • Automatic recognition of the core probe, if inserted into the product to blast chill/freeze.
  • Core probe heating.
  • Timed manual defrosting.
  • Sterilization (optional).
  • LCD display.
  • Connection via card to printer or PC (HACCP).




The GO series, a range of commercial blast chiller used in various kitchen and restaurant environment.

Fitted with the new PRE-COOLING function, improving performance and reducing chilling time.

Its controls are easy to use and allows blast chilling or freezing, both over time (conforming to the HACCP standard).

Controls temperature of the product core by needle probe. The probe and software developed by Friulinox has an automatic probe recognition with 4 reading points.

The entire line was designed for the application of the STERILOX sterilizer.

GO Series Blast Chiller Features

  • External sides and top in AISI 304 18/10 stainless steel th. 0.6mm (Scotch-Brite satin finish).
  • Door in stainless steel th. 0.8mm (Scotch-Brite satin).
  • Rounded inner lining made of stainless steel.
  • Internal base with central drain connection for water discharge used for washing.
  • High density insulation (42 kg/m³ approx.) with expanded polyurethane, 60 mm thick, HCFC free.
  • Copper-aluminum evaporator with cataphoresis anti-corrosion treatment.
  • Removable grill supports to facilitate cleaning processes.
  • Class T (ambient temperature +43°C).
  • Pre-cooling button.
  • Endless cycle with a set-point cell.
  • Core probe embedded in blast chiller.

Commercial Blast Chiller Cooling Unit

  • Indirect fan flow towards product.
  • Hermetic compressor.
  • R404A refrigerant liquid.
  • Large exchange surface evaporators, for increased cooling productivity.
  • Manual defrosting device and non-electrical evaporation system.
  • High capacity liquid/gas radiators.

Control and Command Circuit Board:

  • Equipped with viewable custom display which indicates status of appliance.
  • Microprocessor memorizes up to 99 programs.
  • Compressor protected by a circuit breaker.
  • Internal fan stops instantly when door opens.

Versions and Options:

  • With remote unit.
  • Condensing unit with water condensation.
  • Kit swivel wheels with brake.
  • UVC kit (sterilizing lamp).
  • Printing kit.


Download Spec Sheet for more information on the GO Series Blast Chiller BF122AG

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