Friulinox Ice Cube Ice Cream Gelato Storage Freezer



Friulinox Ice Cube Ice Cream Gelato Storage Freezer

These innovative refrigerated cabinets redesign the way to preserve products, not only by offering a lot more space but above all by simplifying and speeding up the management and control of the workflow. The new 5 “full touch display with icon display ensures direct, rapid interaction and intuitive with the equipment. In a few clicks, it is possible, not only to check the set temperature and the selected program but also to change its parameters on the fly by creating customized sets. All our Ice-Cube models are equipped with a humidity probe and ventilation control to ensure correct conservation of even the most delicate product, keeping intact its volume, color, and flavor

Working with you, 365 days a year. You can configure Ice-Cube Multi according to production needs, urgencies, or the time of year. This will maximise your investment, your workspace, and you will be more flexible and able to manage different varieties of products (single portions, mousses, semifreddos, cream puffs, chocolate, and ice cream).


  • Body with “enhanced” dimensions for a greater load
  • Full 5″ capacitive touch display
  • Network ready
  • Ethernet included (optional Wi-Fi)
  • 85 mm insulation thickness for improved energy performance
  • The sides of the motor compartment are foamed for greater robustness and soundproofing
  • Efficient air distribution with temperature optimization in the unit
  • R290 refrigerant (HFC compatible)
  • Use of low power consumption electric fans
  • Unit ventilation adjustment with multiple speed and air volume levels
  • Humidity sensor and adjustment RH% from 40 to 90%
  • Hot gas and water disposal system defrosting with no additional increase in energy consumption WDS (Water Dissipation System)
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