Carpigiani Mister Art- Frozen Dessert Machine


by Carpigiani

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Carpigiani Mister Art- Frozen Dessert Machine

Carpigiani Mister Art is a machine built to make business life easier with its ability to produce gelato as well as other confectionery products continuously.


  • Carpigiani Mister Art has the capability of not only produce artisanal Gelato continuously, but also narrow stick gelato molds and pastries.
  • The gelato production area consists of the mixture pasteurization (upper tank) and the freezing of gelato (lower cylinder).


  • A gear pump by Carpigiani ensures the best structure and control of overrun.
  • Each time the product is extracted, an equal amount of mix flows from the pasteurization tank into the cylinder. It will then continue to freeze ensuring that the product is consistently ready.


  • Doors are specifically designed for the application of terminals to make filling possible, that is gelato pastries (2),  fresh pastries (2), and a Crystal portioning pistol hose.
  • Recipe book is provided.


  • Machine operators will be able to handle their tasks in a quicker pace, thus consuming lesser time.


  • Rounded corners in order to prevent unwanted accidents to occur.

Additional Safety:

  1. Optional Teorema: The use of Internet not only make monitoring easier, but diagnosing as well.


  • A dynamic hygiene technology (self-pasteurizing system at 65°C), to sanitize every part of the machine which comes in contact with the product. For instance, the beater.
  • Heat cleaning of cylinder makes cleaning operations much simpler.
  • Brush for cleaning the hose both internally and externally.

Additional Hygiene:

  1. Optional Sprayer with spiral hose and quick coupling, in regards to increase the maximum cleanliness of the machine.


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