Carpigiani XVL 3 Steel Machine- Soft Serve Machine

Carpigiani-gelatoby Carpigiani

Very high production capacity and versatility: the machine satisfies all customers needs

Large production capacity
Continuous production is guaranteed even during peak hours

Production flexibility and versatility
Satisfy all your customers needs by offering a wide range of products: soft serve ice cream, frozen yogurt, fruit sorbets and single portions

Overrun and consistency control
Different consistency control settings for various mix types and easy adjustable overrun








Carpigiani XVL 3 Steel Machine- Soft Serve Machine 

This Soft Serve/Frozen Yogurt Machine brings the utmost production of soft serves all in one machine even during peak hours where it has the ability to produce continuously. Furthermore, it possess different consistency control settings for various mix and an adjustable overrun. Twin Twist floor standing machine.


Two beater motors and separate cooling systems The independent cylinders allow simultaneous production of different types of ice cream
Stainless steel pressurized gear pumps The stainless steel gears ensure the best ice cream texture, quality and high overrun. In addition, it is adjustable from 40% to 80%
Independent pump transmissions Helps to extend the pump and gears life. Hence, it allows flexibility and maximum performance.
Interactive display Communicates with the operator delivering instructions and data regarding machine’s performance.
Tank agitators Prevents product stratification and helps to reduce foam consistently by fluid maintenance.
Stainless steel beaters High efficiency beaters with double blades and idler for a soft and creamy product.
Self closing device The dispensers automatically close to stop the flow of ice cream, which eliminates any waste and preventing mess.
Adjustable ice cream flow Adjustable product flow to meet your specific dispensing speed and volume.
Direct expansion cooling cylinders Optimize refrigeration efficiency for fast freeze downtime, but also reduce product waste to ensure higher quality and enhance energy saving.
Defrost system Possibility to heat the cylinders in order to speed up the cleaning procedure.

Additional Settings:

  1. Self-pasteurization: The machine is able to be clean and disassemble only 9 times/year.
  2. Teorema: Provides information about the machine, thus assisting in the service operations.
  3. Single portion kit: Optional nozzles to fill cups and tartlets, plus enables production of single portion ice creams.
  4. Mixer: Optional mixer with disposable spoons in order to swirl toppings into the ice cream.
  5. Dry filling system: Possibility to prepare mix directly in the hopper by adding in water and dry mix.

Tank capabity: 13+13 Lt

Cylinder Capabity: 1.75Lt

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