Maruzen Counter-top Gas Griddle (MGG-Series)

by Maruzen

MARUZEN GAS GRIDDLE (MGG-SERIES), easy-to-use and useful for a wide variety of menus.

Has a powerful fire with a quick startup and heating capacity.

* Available in 6 gas models.




A commercial kitchen equipment brand which produces easy-to-use counter-top griddles.

Upgraded safety technology that uses the pilot safety device to enable users to manage griddle with ease.

All in all, it provides useful application to a wide variety of menus.

Features of Standard Gas Griddle:

  • Six (6) models.
  • Top plate made of high grade iron to ensure ingredients are extracted fully into food.
  • Higher durability casting burners used to enhance heating capacity.
  • Effective heating structure heats plate wholly and evenly, enabling a quick startup.
  • Adjustable temperature with thermostat attached (ranging between 100°C-350°C by dial operation).
  • Drawer oil receiver collects excessive gravy and oil substances.
  • Reduces running cost for models with 900 mm (W) or more than 2 gas cocks (only turn on burners at the cooking area).
  • Piezoelectric auto-ignition.
  • Equipped with pilot safety device.
  • Parts warranty included.

Optional Accessories:

  • Dedicated stand (except for MGG-044TB model).
  • Griddle fighter (100ml x 30 packs).
  • 1 Pad + 1 Holder.
  • 10 Griddle pads.

Available Model:

  1. MGG-044TB
  2. MGG-046TB
  3. MGG-066TB
  4. MGG-076TB
  5. MGG-096TB
  6. MGG-126TB


Download PDF for more information on the Maruzen kitchen equipment

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