Maruzen Draft-Type Water Pressure Rice Washer

by Maruzen

MARUZEN DRAFT-TYPE WATER PRESSURE RICE WASHER, washes rice gently and quickly with its easy machine operation.

The body of the machine is easily maintain because of its stainless steel material.

Installation process is fast, simple and space saving.



With the latest water pressure technology, rice can be wash quickly and gently in just a few minutes.

It is made of stainless steel for easy maintenance.

General Draft-type Rice Washer Features:

  • Easy installation process (requires only 1/2 space compared to regular model).
  • Rice pipe located on the upper body of rice washer to save space.
  • Rice washer strainer placed at the top allows operator to use machine while standing.
  • Small-scale drainage to avoid water splashing out.
  • Height between the floor and the basket receiver is about 660mm to 800mm.
  • 3 types of rice washing ability (7, 14, and 28 kg/time).
  • Operating water pressure from 0.5-1.2 kg/cm².
  • “Manual of Facilities Hygiene Management for Mass Cooking” and “Standards of Hygiene Management for School Catering” approved.
  • Parts warranty included.

* Available in 3 models: MRW-D7, MRW-D14 and MRW-D28.


Download PDF for more information on the Maruzen Draft-type Water Pressure Rice Washer

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