Maruzen Gas Multi-Deck Automatic Rice Cooker

by Maruzen

MARUZEN GAS MULTI-DECK AUTOMATIC RICE COOKER, cooks rice deliciously with the one touch operation.

A total of 10 models at your choice.

  1. X-type (Multifunctional)
  2. T-type (Reserved timer)
  3. S-type (Standard)



A Japanese rice cooker which cooks delicious pre-washed rice, takikomi (seasoned rice with ingredients) and porridge with one touch operation.

In addition to white rice, it can cook various menus such as red bean rice, rice cooked with assorted ingredients, and pilaf.

A total of 10 models at your choice.

General Automatic Gas Rice Cooker Specifications

  • Proportional control for ideal heat adjustment to cook delicious rice.
  • Temperature sensor controls cooking processes precisely.
  • Available in manual cooking to set heat and cooking time manually (convenient when in need to cook in a specific time or additionally after main cooking time has complete).
  • Equipped with an overheat prevention device. Automatically stops cooking/heating if the cooking time is abnormally long.
  • Self-diagnosis function that shows errors (malfunction of sensor).
  • Rice cooker pot made of cast aluminium.
  • Parts warranty included.

*T-type and S-type can set only cooking time*


  1. Cooking Menus
  2. Proportional Control
  3. Cooking Finish Adjustment
  4. Reserved Timer (X-type, T-type)
  5. Small Amount Cooking (X-type)
  6. Manual Cooking
  7. Melody Function
  8. Self-Diagnosis Function
  9. Pilot Safety Device

Optional Rice Cooker Pot:

  1. Rice cooker pot.
  2. Fluororesin-coated rice cooker pot (prevents rice from sticking against pot).

* Available in X-type (Multi-functional), T-type (Reserved timer) and S-type (Standard).


Download PDF for more information on the Maruzen Gas Multi-Deck Automatic Rice Cooker

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