Maruzen Gyoza Cooker (Multiple Series)

by Maruzen

MARUZEN GYOZA COOKER, grills large portion of famous gyoza easily and quickly.

Available in:

  1. MAZ (Gas Auto Series)
  2. MAZE (Electric Auto Series)
  3. MGZS (Orthodox Gas Series)
  4. MGZ (Standard Gas Series)
  5. MIZ (IH Gyoza Cooker)



Easily and quickly cooks gyoza in large amount with a choice of 5 different series of commercial griller specially designed for gyoza.

Designed with space-saving dimensions and high-efficiency functions for an effective production.

Auto Gyoza Cooker General Features

  • Microcomputer designed for complete automation realization.
  • Thermistor sensor provided to maintain temperature of pan.
  • Flow rate sensor stabilizes water fed automatically.
  • Finishing buzzer indicating completion of gyoza grilling.
  • Compact tabletop type design.
  • Flexible settings to grill gyoza of various shape.
  • Parts warranty included.
  • (Optional) Removable lid to keep equipment clean.

1) Gas Auto Series

  • Infrared burner for even heat distribution.
  • Pilot safety device with flame rod system.
  • Number of pans depend on the model selected.

2) Electric Auto Series

  • Structured heater to heat bottom of the pan evenly.
  • Number of pans depend on the model selected.

3) Orthodox Series <Gas>

  • Auto ignition system.
  • Consistent heating system enables even grilling.
  • Removable lid produces high heating capacity to steam and grill gyoza.
  • Exhaust burner and drainage enhances function of cooker.
  • Announcing timer makes cooking process more convenient and reduces wasteful operations (selected models ONLY).

4) Standard Series <Gas>

  • Auto ignition system.
  • Saves energy and compact in size.
  • ET burner provides strong heating capacity with high heat efficiency.
  • Removable lid for easy cleaning.
  • This series do not have the drain outlet on pan. Feed only required amount of water usage.

5) IH (Induction Heating)

  • High thermal efficient IH, reduces cooking time and running cost.
  • Magnetic shunt steel prevents increase of temperature at a certain level.
  • Choice of 4 menu switches to register cooking times.
  • Pan guide prevents water from spilling out and keeps pan clean.


Available Gyoza Griller Series:

  1. MAZ (Gas Auto Series)
  2. MAZE (Electric Auto Series)
  3. MGZS (Orthodox Gas Series)
  4. MGZ (Standard Gas Series)
  5. MIZ (IH Gyoza Cooker)


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