Kolb Dough Sheeter

by Kolb

Dough Sheeter features:
● Variable thickness adjustment: 1.2mm – 38mm
● Both sides with safety guard
● With hygienic class PVC conveyor
● Workable for selecting Hand or Foot switch as per demand



Dough Sheeter by Kolb

Technical Data

Model-Nr. GC-1073-1 GC-1126-1
Type Floor Stand Table Top
Dimension (WxDxH)(mm) 2100x910x1120 1800x900x600
Conveyor size (mm) 520×2000 520×1720
Press roller size 88x550mm 88x550mm
Voltage (V) 400V/3ph/PE/50Hz 400V/3ph/PE/50Hz
Weight(kg) 176 124
Power(kw) 0.75 0.4



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