Maruzen Square-Tank Ramen Boiler (MRK-Series)

by Maruzen

MARUZEN SQUARE-TANK RAMEN BOILER (MRK-046B), a high-graded ramen boiler.

Powerful boiling with wavy tank heating method!

High heat efficiency/ Energy saving with hot water supply device utilizing exhaust heat and steam shutter.



An outstanding commercial noodle cooker by Maruzen with heat efficiency at 60%.

The energy saving structure attains brilliant boiling capacity.

An energy-saver boiler which has the ability to cook in a continuous pace.

Square-tank Boiler Features:

  • One (1) tank type models.
  • Two (2) kinds of model with different capacity: 70 meals/h or 100 meals/h.
  • Pipe made of SUS304, a highly durable stainless steel material.
  • By adapting large boiling tank, quick and efficient cooking will be achieved.
  • Chewy and delicious noodle obtained due to intensity of boiling water in basket.
  • Equipped with flame rod with auto ignition.
  • Drainage handle located in front and makes operation convenient.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Parts warranty included.

Available in 2 models of ramen boiler:

  1. MRK-046B
  2. MRK-066B


Download PDF for more information on the Maruzen Square-tank Ramen Boiler (MRK-046B)

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