Maruzen Suzuchu Automatic Noodle Boiler

by Maruzen


Popular ramen can be easily and deliciously cooked using the latest noodle boiler, praised even by professionals.



Produce Japan’s famous ramen easily and deliciously with the latest Maruzen commercial noodle cooker.

Embedded with an upgraded technology, the “Suzuchu Equipment”. A certified gas appliance designed to keep temperature low.

However, the Suzuchu Automatic noodle boiler allow baskets to be lifted up and down automatically.

Available in 3 MRY series with different cooking capacity to choose from.

Suzuchu Noodle Boiler Features:

  • Large-sized boiling tank.
  • High-speed water boiling system.
  • Hot water supply device adopts the heat by utilizing exhaust heat from boiler.
  • Maruzen original hole heat pipe with special heat circulation method (60% heat efficiency and saves energy).
  • Double heat insulator allows airflow from inside the equipment (emits exhaust gas from the exhaust stack).
  • Suppresses increase of machine’s surface temperature (enhance safety in case of contact).
  • Steam shutters close automatically when not in use (prevent boiling water from splashing).
  • Buzzes & lifts up automatically after boiling completes.
  • Lift Cap to lift up or down baskets.
  • Touch panel system.
  • Equipped with flame rod with auto ignition.
  • Parts warranty included.

Models available:

  1. MRY-L03L,
  2. MRY-CL04, and
  3. MRY-CL06.


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