Menumaster RCS511TS Commercial Microwave Oven

by Menumaster



Menumaster RCS511TS Commercial Microwave Oven

The Menumaster RCS511TS is designed for medium volume sites. Recommended for 100 or less uses per day.

Commercial Microwave Oven Ideal For:

  • Pizza Restaurant
  • Casual Dining
  • Clubs
  • Deli

1100 watts of cooking power

  • Quick heating
  • Consistent results

Stainless steel construction inside and out

  • Durable, professional finish
  • Withstands the foodservice environment


1.2 cubit ft. (34 L) oven capacity

  • Accommodates a 14″ (356 mm) platter
  • Easily heats large portions


Motor driven top antenna

  • Reliable distribution of energy
  • Consistent heating results

Front air filter

  • Non-removable, cannot lose
  • Promotes proper oven operation


Grab ‘n Go handle

  • No moving parts
  • Reliable use, long lasting


Tempered glass outer oven door,
competition uses plastic

  • Reliable, long lasting
  • Monitor cooking without oven light


Touch controls

  • 100 programmable menu items, 4 stages of cooking, 5 microwave power levels and Braille touch pads
  • Versatile program options


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