Roband Griddle Toaster (Counter Top Griddle-Toaster)

by Roband

ROBAND GRIDDLE TOASTERS are the perfect combination machine to produce a great top toasting result, whilst precisely cooking your steaks, eggs, bacon or hamburgers.

The cleverly designed machine features separate elements for the heavy steel cooking plate as well as the toasting compartment for precise control of each function.

Thermostatically controlled to deliver fast and accurate temperature to the cooking plate. The toasting compartment, however, features energy regulated elements to supply heat from the griddle to ensure efficient and consistent top toasting.

Thus, making the Roband Griddle Toaster a well-engineered machine which provides great versatility and space efficiency for various commercial kitchen.




Griddle Toasters are the perfect combination of toaster oven griddle combo producing great top toasting result, whilst precisely cooking your steaks, eggs, bacon or hamburgers on the griddle plate.

With a comprehensive, diverse and well-designed range of Griddle Toaster, a Roband solution can be found to suit almost any countertop application.

Each model has been engineered to maximise the performance of the machine in both the griddle and toasting functions.  It features separate elements for the heavy steel griddle plate, as well as the toasting compartments to ensure consistent and optimal results.

Features of the Griddle Toaster

  • 8 mm thick steel cooking plates for superior heat retention.
  • Superior, compact cooking plate elements for fast temperature recovery and control.
  • Thermostat control for precise griddle plate cooking temperature.
  • Dual element system has independent control of the toasting function and griddle plate function, for an optimum cooking control.
  • Toasting compartment works in tandem with the hotplate operation.
  • Large capacity forward-positioned grease drainage to reduce the risk of spillage and minimise bench space.
  • Removable toasting crumb tray.
  • Wire rack with bun and rack stop prevents food from falling.
  • Durable stainless steel construction with a stylish brushed finish.


  • GT480 features 6 mm steel cooking plates.
  • GT480 toast elements are controlled by the On/Off switch.
  • The larger GT700 model features independent operation (left or right side) of the griddle and toaster for efficient use in quiet periods.
  • Full-size Gastronorm pan (25mm depth) fits inside the toasting area of the GT700.

3 models are available:

1)  GT480 – 6 mm plate thickness, 10 Amps, 2300 Watts, Medium production.

2)  GT500 – 8 mm plate thickness, 14.3 Amps, 3280 Watts, High production.

3)  GT700 – 8 mm plate thickness, 26 Amps, 5960 Watts, Very high production.


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