Winterhalter Undercounter Warewashers

by Witherhalter

The solid basic model. Washes quickly, efficiently and with absolute reliability. The economy, entry-level model in the passthrough dishwasher class. Simply cleans.


Simple to use

Start button for 1-button operation. Automatic self-cleaning program. Temperature display. Operation of the U50 is easy and intuitive.

Cleanliness & Hygiene

Sparkling clean. Hygienically clean. The U50 guarantees first-class wash results. For cleanliness and hygiene of the highest standard.

Economical & Efficient

Double-skinned design. Effective filtration. Smaller tank volume for fast start. The U50 is designed for extremely cost-effective operation

Easy Servicing
Fast maintenance and troubleshooting: the integrated error management system and simple access to the components make the U50 particularly easy to service.

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The U50 makes things as easy as possible when it comes to washing: with two different washing programmes. A standard programme for normal dirt and an intensive programme with high temperature for heavy-duty cleaning. All the relevant washing parameters are adapted perfectly to the specific requirements. There is also a short programme specifically for peak times, which takes less than 1 minute.

Easy and clear: the colour-coded display with self-explanatory pictograms is intuitive to use. It shows at a glance which mode the machine is currently in: heating up, washing or ready for operation. The start button works using the one-button principle. This means that the U50 can also be used safely by inexperienced staff or where staff change frequently.

The heart of the U50: inside the machine, two elliptical wash fields at the top and bottom deliver optimal washing quality. These are the result of many years of development, and their shape and the specific geometry of their jets provide maximum coverage and washing power.

Gentle treatment of delicate dishes: when the wash cycle starts, the U50 builds up the washing pressure gradually and continuously. This ensures optimal protection of the dishes.


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