Menumaster- leading commercial microwave speed oven

Menumaster- Leading Commercial Microwave Speed Oven


Menumaster is the leading commercial microwave ovens manufacturing company and has been well recognized in the worldwide foodservice industry for being durable, long lasting, performance and speed.Since it was first introduced 50 years ago, Menumaster has a strong legacy as a pioneer in this industry. 

Some of its popular application is at convenience store, theatres, quick service restaurant, snack bars and many more. Menumaster is well equipped by having a complete range of commercial microwave and accelerated microwave, convection, infra-red ovens and high-speed ovens designed to meet the needs of the most demanding foodservice environment.

Menumaster Series:

1. High Speed ovens: Power and speed for all your baking, toasting and crisping needs. Models include the MRX series, MXP series and Jet series. 

2. Specialty Chef Line: Ready when you are. Models include the OnCue series, MSO Steamer. The OnCue features a 2400 watts of power fast heating, pop up door and can program up to 100 menu items. The MSO provides on demand steaming solution for seafood restaurant, supermarket and QSR. 4x faster than traditional steamer, waterless steaming and fast cooking. 100 programmable menu settings. Available from single phase to three phase.

3. Chef Line: Models include the DEC series. The DEC features a 1400 to 2100 watts of cooking power with 10 programmable pads and 100 program menu setting. It also features a 17lt oven capacity and no vent hood required. One of the popular models for bar & grills, QSR and casual dining. Best selling in Malaysia

4. Restaurant Line: Models include the RFS series, RCS Series. The RFS features a 1800 watts of cooking power with 34lt of oven capacity. It is equipped with 100 programmable menu items. The RCS series has 1100 watts of cooking power with 34lt of oven capacity. Larger than comparable competitive ovens. Ideal for coffee shops, server stations and convenience stores. It is able to reheat breakfast sandwich in 1:00.

Partnering with Allied Foodservice Equipment

Allied Foodservice Equipment has the technical knowledge to service Menumaster products in cases of breakdowns. Allied is also equipped with spare parts needed to service the product. Our in-house chef is readily available to assist to help clients obtain the right finishing product with the commercial microwave oven or high speed oven. 

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Origin: USA