Menumaster DEC18MU Commercial Microwave


  • 100 program menu settings and 4 stages of cooking
  • No vent hood required
  • 1900 watts of cooking power
  • Interlocks tested beyond industry standards





Menumaster DEC18MU- Commercial Microwave

Specially designed for operation in Singapore, Hongkong and Malaysia.


  1. Quick service restaurants
  2. Fast casual dining
  3. Bars & Grills

Features, Advantages and Benefits:

1900 watts of cooking power

  • 11 power levels to consistently prepare and ready food in minutes (cook, steam, re-heat).
  • Conserves excellent food quality.
  • 10 programmable pads with control panel icons that include Braille controls.
  • Furthermore, the assembled interlock switch was designed for high durability and longer lifespan (ETL listed**).

** Products bearing ETL Listed Mark is authorized to have met the minimum requirements of product safety standards.

Vent hood NOT required

  • No costly hood.
  • Economical installation, saves money.

Maximum cooking time 60:00 compared to competition’s 35:00

  • Simplifies programming and has an audible signal when cooking cycles has ended.
  • Menu expansion possibilities

100 menu settings 

  • One-touch programming versatility and flexibility.
  • Reduces time consumption to prepare meals, cost of labor and food waste, hence providing constant results.
  • Accommodates various menu
  • user friendly
  • Ample 17 litres capacity to accomodate a standard half size pan.

Exceptional fit and finish

  • Durable construction to sustain foodservice environment of any kind.
  • See-through tempered glass window and lighted interior for visible exterior monitoring.
  • Removable, cleanable air filter alongside a clean filter reminder in order to protect oven components.
  • Rounded corners that are easy to clean.
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