Menumaster JET514 Speed Oven

by Menumaster

JETWAVE HIGH-SPEED COMBINATION OVEN. 100 programmable menu items, 4 stage cooking and 11 microwave power level. Flexible cooking platform w/ Microwave Only mode. 90° plus door opening with two point hinge system



Menumaster JET514 Speed Oven

An entry level speed oven, ideal for smaller kitchens. Menumaster Jet514 incorporates both convection oven and microwave power. Although the Jet514 is small compared to the Menumaster Xpress IQ MRX, the Jet514 has a larger cavity volume.


  1. Cafes
  2. Bars & Grills
  3. Supermarkets
  4. Kiosks
  5. Pubs & Wine bars

Features, Advantages and Benefits:

Cooking Energy Combination

  1. Convection (enhances toasting and browning)
  2. Microwave Assist

Bakes 4 times faster than a conventional oven

  • Increases speed of service
  • Increases sales and profit

100 menu items, 4 stage cooking and 11 microwave power levels

  • One-touch programming versatility.
  • Flexible high speed baking reduces training time, saves energy and provides constant results.

ACP Programming Application

  • Updates menu programs instantly with the use of the USB flash drive.
  • Perfect programming solution for multiple locations.
  • 10 programmable pads with control panel icons (include Braille controls).

Uses metal cookware

  • Maximum metal pan height, 38mm (1½˝).
  • No special cookware needed.
  • No additional expenses.

On demand cooking

  • Prepares food only when needed, hence reduces the possibility of food waste.

Compact footprint

  • Fits in a 12″ (309 mm) pizza.
  • Ideal not only for kitchens with minimal space, but also in various cafe setting.
  • Stackable to save space.

90° plus door opening with two point hinge system

  • Safe and efficient in busy kitchens.
  • Smooth oven access and prevent spills.

 Flexible cooking platform w/ Microwave Only mode

  • Use any combination of microwave or convection.
  • Has a microwave ONLY mode when needed.
  • Easily offers a variety of menu items.

Front removable, cleanable air filter with reminder

  • Easy to be clean due to the magnetic material, thus increasing maintenance quality.
  • Prolongs lifespan of oven.


* Available in a few different vibrant colors by request.


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