Frymaster High-Efficiency E4 Electric Fryers (RE17)

by Frymaster

FRYMASTER HIGH-EFFICIENCY E4 ELECTRIC FRYERS (RE17), delivers a lifetime of performance.

Frymaster’s proprietary self-standing, swing-up elements and precise controls ensures industry-leading energy efficiency.



A commercial electric fryer specifically designed for high-volume frying and controlled performance.

Frymaster’s ASTM rates more than 83%, exceeding ENERGY STAR® qualification standards, thus qualifying energy-saving rebates.


  • Open frypot design, makes cleaning easier.
  • Thermostat attached to prevent overheating or abnormal temperature increase.
  • Rear flush feature moves sediment to the front drain valve for easy and thorough removal.
  • Insulated frypot with CM3.5 controller (reduces the use of energy).
  • Advanced electronic switching devices for a precise temperature control (TC models).
  • Stainless steel frypot, door and cabinet.
  • Boil-out temperature control.
  • Automatic melt cycle.
  • Robust, RTD, 1° compensating temperature probe.
  • Two (2) twin fry baskets.
  • Adjustable legs.

Additional accessories:

  1. Split frypots.
  2. Spreader cabinet.
  3. Automatic basket lifts.
  4. Frypot cover.
  5. Set of four (4) casters.
  6. Full/Triplet basket.
  7. Chicken/Fish tray.
  8. Sediment tray.
  9. Splash shield.
  10. Top connecting strip.


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