Maruzen Multi-Deck Automatic Rice Cooker (Cool Series)

by Maruzen

MARUZEN MULTI-DECK AUTOMATIC RICE COOKER (COOL SERIES) with Suzuchu spec. for comfortable and safe cooking environment!

The airflow inside the machine keeps the surface of the main body temperature low.



The Cool Series automatic rice cooker has the Suzuchu spec. for a comfortable and safe cooking environment!

Suzuchu is where it lowers the airflow temperature in the multi-deck rice cooker.

General Multi-Deck Cool Series Rice Cooker Specifications

  • Suzuchu spec. allows the air from the outside to draw heat from rice cooker and to be emitted from the exhaust stack.
  • It suppresses the increase of surface temperature of the machine to enhance safety in case of contact.
  • Cooks not only white rice, pre-washed rice and takikomi (seasoned rice with ingredients), but also porridge perfectly.
  • There are 2 rice cooking capacity to choose from, the 7.5kg x 2deck or the 7.5kg x 3deck.
  • Rice cooker pot made of cast aluminium.
  • Parts warranty included.


  1. Cooking Menus
  2. Proportional Control
  3. Cooking Finish Adjustment
  4. Reserved Timer
  5. Small Amount Cooking
  6. Manual Cooking
  7. Melody Function
  8. Self-Diagnosis Function
  9. Pilot Safety Device

Optional Rice Cooker Pot:

  1. Rice cooker pot
  2. Fluororesin-coated rice cooker pot (prevents rice from sticking against pot).

* Available in MRC-CX2D (2deck) and MRC-CX3D (3deck)


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