Maruzen Noodle Boiler (Backside Exhaust Type)

by Maruzen

MARUZEN NOODLE BOILER (MR-SERIES) with a backside exhaust-type, creating a safe and comfortable kitchen environment.

Continuous high-speed cooking. Longest selling model in the market with powerful boiling capacity.




These series of Maruzen commercial kitchen equipment cooks continuously at a high speed.

It has one of the fastest boiling time making it the longest selling noodle boiler model in the market.

Features of  Maruzen Commercial Noodle Boiler:

  • Two (2) kinds of model with different capacity: 120 meals/h or 100 meals/h.
  • External dimension of 650mm (W) x 750mm (D) x 720mm (H)
  • One (1) pot with seven (7) baskets.
  • New Hawayaki pot saves up to 40% fuel consumption with the latest heat collector fin.
  • High-power Chinese range burner and Maruzen’s original bottom shape pot for greater boiling capacity.
  • Backside exhaust-type provides a safe and comfortable kitchen environment (prevents splashing of boiling water).
  • Supported with a gas cock which makes temperature adjustable from low to high even with it half-opens.
  • Saves energy and improves functionality.
  • Equipped with flame rod and adopted with an auto ignition cock.
  • Hot water storage tank comes with a safety valve.
  • Parts warranty included.

Available in 2 Commercial Noodle Boiler:

  1. MR-15M <Hawayaki>
  2. MR-31M


Download PDF link below for more information on the commercial noodle cooker models

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