Carpigiani Pastomaster 60 HE- Pasteurizing machine

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Intelligent Technology that takes special care of your mix.

Thanks to the adaptive exchanger pump, the Pastomaster 60 HE- Carpigiani Pasteurizer has an intelligent technology that takes special care of your mix. It highly micronizes fat globules down to a fine size of 2-5 microns, creating a base for a more creamy gelato. Its one-piece exchange pump allows for maximum hygiene even with raw milk. The extractable conveyor allows for handling mixes with different viscosity.


* Also available in Pastomaster 60 HE P and Pastomaster 120 HE 


Carpigiani Pastomaster 60 HE- Pasteurizing machine

The Pastomaster 60 HE is an upgraded machine technology which transforms fat globules down to a fine size of 2-5 microns, thus creating a creamy-based gelato. It is also designed with a high efficiency technology with a one-piece exchange pump that allows maximum hygiene even with the use of raw milk. The machine can also pasteurize ice cream mix sauces, creams and other desserts. This 60L pasteurizer is a widely used pasteurization equipment for medium to large shops because of its flexibility, efficiency and hygiene. Carpigiani pasteurizer works alongside with other Carpigiani batch freezer products like the Carpigiani Ready 2030, Labo XPL P and Labotronic HE-H.


  • The one-piece exchange pump located at the tank bottom, is a new spigot design by Carpigiani, which guarantees the low homogenization and superior efficiency.
  •  It ensures the safety of the mixes even when using raw milk.
  • A boosted conveyor is an additional advantage as it takes up the role as the second conveyor to enable blending of not only mixes, but also sauces that are dense and concentrated.

Additional Performance:

  1. Optional High Power has the capability to save up to 20% heating times (compared to the standard version) without energy consumption increment.


  • The absence of the beater, makes it possible to add ingredients while the mixes are blending in the tank.
  • Hose brackets are attached at the back so that water hoses remained raised from the ground to facilitate easy movement and floor cleaning.
  • Removable steel bucket shelf for easy washing.


  • Saves water consumption up to 30% compared to RTX pasteurizers.

Carpigiani Pasteurizer Pastomaster 60 HE Programs: Mixes, Specialties, Sauces, Cream


7 basic programs to produce basic and complete gelato mixes:

  • High pasteurization 85°C
  • Low pasteurization 65°C
  • Intermediate pasteurization
  • Chocolate pasteurization 90°C
  • Cooling Aging
  • Sugar Syrup
  • Inverted Sugar


Programs to combine with base mixes to produce 7 sauces that can be made into classic gelato flavors:

  • Cream Sauce
  • Zabaione Sauce
  • Cocoa Sauce
  • Chocolate Sauce
  • Fruit Sauce
  • Citrus Sauce
  • Lemon Sauce


Programs to produce 8 artisanal specialties:

  • Pudding
  • Panna Cotta 1
  • Panna Cotta 2
  • Bavarian cream
  • Semifreddo base
  • Liquid Yogurt
  • Dense Yogurt
  • Italian Meringue


In addition, there are 5 free programs so that the gelato artisan can personalize and memorize proprietary pasteurization cycles.

**Applicable ONLY to Pastomaster 60 HE models


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