Pastomaster XPL-P- Carpigiani Pasteurizer


by Carpigiani


Pastomaster XPL-P- Carpigiani Pasteurizer, the technology that boosts your work.

Controlled heat treatment that sanitizes food by eliminating pathogenic microbes without causing deterioration of vitamins and proteins in food products. Purifying while preserving food’s nutritional value, taste, and aroma.



Pastomaster XPL-P- Carpigiani Pasteurizer

This is a pasteurizer machine to pasteurize gelato, ice-cream and other mixes. The discovery of heat control treatment by Louis Pasteur, aims to sanitize food. So, it does not cause the level of vitamin and protein to drop. In other words, it is design to preserve the nutritional value of food products such as the value, taste and aroma. This pasteurizer machine is easy to use, perfect for medium to large gelato/ice cream shop.


  • The exchange pump located at the tank bottom, is a new technology by Carpigiani, which mixes and pasteurizes the ingredients in its exchange pump cup.
  • Furthermore, it guarantees the low homogenization and superior efficiency working with minimum batches of mix, lowering the risk of burning it.


  • The absence of the beater, makes it possible to add ingredients while the mixes are blending in the tank.

Additional Convenience (optional):

  1. Removable steel bucket shelf for easy washing.
  2. Mix conveyor, an extra kit to hygienically transfer mix.


  • The spigot is temperature-controlled to ensure the right operating temperature when the mixture is circulating.
  • It is completely detachable, washable and can be fully monitored if there are any residues left inside.


  • The beater stops its operations when the lid is open and the temperature exceeds 40°C, thus avoiding spatters of boiling liquid.
  • Blackout and water supply cutoff due to time and temperature parameters. The machine diagnoses the mix thoroughly, just in case it suffers  from an alteration. Hence, a restart of a new pasteurization is possible.

Additional Safety:

  1. Optional Teorema: The use of Internet makes monitoring and also diagnosing easier at anytime of the day.


7 basic programs to produce basic and complete gelato mixes:

  • High pasteurization 85°C
  • Low pasteurization 65°C
  • Intermediate pasteurization
  • Chocolate pasteurization 90°C
  • Cooling Aging
  • Sugar Syrup
  • Inverted Sugar


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