RATIONAL SelfCookingCenter®XS Combi Oven (SCCXS-Series)

by Rational


Considers to be a reliable kitchen cooking assistant that works 4 times faster and saves up to 40% energy.

A maximum performance technology by Rational which produces various foodstuff within a premium space.

Its fast-paced cooking and easy use, reduces workload. Hence, delivering the food quality one desires in a nick of time, taking monitoring and checking works off your hands.

A commercial kitchen combi oven that has the ability to adjusts temperature, moisture and sets its cooking time on its own.




The SelfCookingCenter® XS by Rational is a top-quality small combi oven embedded with the intelligent cooking system.

Suitable not only for front cooking use but also station units in a restaurant because of its fine installation solutions.

Benefits of Rational SCC XS-series Combi Oven:

  • Outstanding food quality at all times.
  • Easy operational system.
  • Minimal operating costs.
  •  No manual cleaning required.

Functions for superior quality and maximum efficiency:

  1. Intelligent assistants.
  2. Dynamic air circulation for perfect consistency.
  3. Powerful fresh steam generator with no build-up of limescale.
  4. Maximum 300°C temperature for grilling and browning.
  5. Extremely precise temperature control for the best cooking results within the low-temperature range.
  6. Humidity regulation down to the percent for crunchy crackling and crispy breaded coatings.
  7. Automatic cleaning, even overnight.

4 intelligent control systems: 

  1. iCooking Control: Simplicity through cooking intelligence (7 operating modes).
  2. HiDensity Control: Precision means top quality.
  3. iLevel Control: Intelligent mixed loading.
  4. Efficient CareControl: Intelligent automatic cleaning.

General Features and Technological Advantage Accessories

  • Rear-ventilated triple-glazed cooking cabinet door and two hinged inside panes with heat-reflecting coating.
  • LED lighting (saves energy, durable and low-maintenance).
  • UltraVent XS hood which absorbs and dissipates steam.
  • Intelligent 6 measuring points with automatic error correction temperature probe.
  • Energy-consumption display (measure amount of energy required/consumed per day)
  • ClimaPlus Control® (measures humidity precisely and adjusts it according to the settings).
  • Maximum cooking cabinet temperature of 300°C (grilling/searing are possible with large quantities).
  • Centrifugal grease separator system to keep the cooking cabinet clean at all times.
  • Integrated Ethernet and USB port.
  • KitchenManagement System (create and send cooking programmes to all connected Rational appliances).
  • Fresh-steam generator with automatic descaling (part of cleaning process).
  • Dynamic air circulation (changes rotational speed and direction based on product requirements).
  • Hand shower with automatic retracting system.
  • Produces 20-80 meals/day.


  • Granite-enamelled container.
  • Grill and pizza tray.
  • Cross and stripe grill grate.
  • Roasting and baking tray/pans.
  • CombiFry®.
  • Chicken superspike.
  • Multibaker.
  • GN Containers, Trays, Grids.
  • Thermocover.
  • Special Cleaner tablets and care tabs.
  • De-foamer tabs.
  • Appliance connection kit.
  • Condensation breaker.
  • Combi-Duo kit.

Flexible options:

  • RATIONAL built-in solution.
  • Wall bracket.
  • Stand UG.
  • Combi-Duo (stackable 2 units in 1 space).

Equipped with 5 senses, the Rational SelfCookingCenter®:

  1. Senses ideal cooking cabinet conditions,
  2. Detects food size and quantities,
  3. Thinks ahead so it knows how to prepare dishes perfectly,
  4. Learns the chefs’ preferred habits and methods, and
  5. Communicates with the chef.


Download Spec Sheet for more information on the SCCXS Series by Rational

Doenload Spec Sheet SCCXSE Download Spec Sheet SCCXS Duo E

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