Scotsman Flake Ice Machine (Flaker Series)

by Scotsman

High production ice machines making Flake ice. Delivering pure freshness.


Flake Ice Machines

Scotsman Flake IceFlake Ice is the most natural shape. Extruded at a temperature just below zero degrees. Scotsman flaked ice suits a variety of applications including fisheries, laboratories and industry.

Flake Ice offers the best solution for maintaining refrigerated perishables where long-lasting freshness and natural appearance need to be guaranteed. Scotsman Flake Ice machines offer the widest range of production capacities available. Compact or split, self-contained or modular, Scotsman machines fit virtually any space and capacity requirement, and are selected as the choice of the most demanding food processing and industrial production companies around the world. Flake ice’s ability to rapidly cool items immersed in it makes it the ideal ice choice for medical, research and laboratory applications.




This series of Scotsman ice machine was designed for high production of flake ice-making.

It is a head only ice maker, which means it requires a separate storage bin in order to keep the ice produced.

Ice Flaker Series

MF69 SPLIT EcoX Flake Ice MachineThe Scotsman Flaker Series is a range of icemaker for modular flake (MF) ice. Its design allows the MF head unit to be installed in a range of storage bin options which varies in capacity and shape.

It is available in a variety of ice production models with capacities from 140 to 2500kg.

Large production facilities like fish processors can be installed with this commercial ice maker machine. Enabling it to dispense ice directly into storage cold rooms, maximising operational efficiency and reducing unnecessary ice production.

‘SPLIT’ models operate with remote condenser refrigeration systems which require specialist installation, reducing environmental issues.

Suitable for temperature-sensitive food production businesses.

Flake Ice Machine Features:

Agion: Technology that increases product cleanliness and lifespan with built-in protection, preventing growth of microbes and unpleasant odors.

Electronic control: Surrounding environment and water temperatures may change but the ice machine will remain the same (MF86/ MF88 electromechanical board).

External indicator lights: Keeps machine under continuous supervision.

Plug-and-work technology: Begins and produces ice constantly with a no-cycle harvesting system.

Water in/ice out concept (no cycles, zero water wastage): Almost zero excessive energy, water and time wastage.

EcoX Models:

  1. Uses natural refrigerants with Hydrocarbons R290 and Carbon Dioxide R744 .
  2. Operates on either R290 (Propane) or R744 (Carbon Dioxide) which has Global Warming Potential (GWP) value of 3 or less.
  3. Fully compliant with both current and forthcoming F-Gas regulations.


Download Spec Sheet for more information on the MF Series by Scotsman

MF46 Spec Sheet MF56 Spec Sheet MF Series


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