Scotsman Commercial Ice Machine

About Scotsman Ice Machine

Scotsman Commercial Ice Machine is well known in the industry for offering a complete ice system solution. Scotsman is one of the largest ice manufacturers and distributing to over 100 countries. With research and development facilities, they are focused on creating the highest standard, quality, hygienic, durable and eco-friendly commercial ice machine, perfect ice for every occasion. Scotsman ice machine has a wide range of production sizes, making it perfect for small to large businesses. 

Scotsman’s Ice Shapes:

  1. Gourmet Supercube (AC, EC & MXG Series):  Hard and long lasting ice cubes, ensuring drinks stay chilled for a longer time without losing quality.
  2. Dice Ice (NU & NW Series): classic 6 sided ice cube, greater surface for heat exchange allows fast chilling for drinks. It has a softer texture, perfect for blended drinks.
  3. Nugget & Cubelet Ice (MFN, TC180 & AFC/EFC series): suitable for multiple uses and are the fastest moving ice-type in quick-service restaurant applications. Perfect for carbonated drinks, smoothies and food presentations
  4. Flake Ice( AF/EF & MF Series): Suitable for fish display, ice buffet, food manufacturing, fast chilling of wine & champagne buckets. Exclusively used in displays for chilled meats, seafood or salads.
  5. Scale Ice (MAR Horizontal Drum): coldest form of ice, ideal for industry processes for fish and seafood display as well as perishable goods transportation. Melts at a slow and regular rate to keep food at maximum freshness. 

Types of commercial ice machine: 

  1. Modular: produce large amount of ice..
  2. Undercounter Ice Machine
  3. Countertop Ice Dispenser
  4. Ice & Water Dispenser

Partnering with Allied Foodservice Equipment

Here at Allied Foodservice Equipment, we understand that equipment need to run at peak performance at all times. We offer after-sales service to our clients in need of repair, maintenance, spare parts availability or breakdown of equipment. 

Scotsman Ice Machine References

  1. Hotels & Fine Dining
  2. QSR and Casual Dining
  3. Coffee & Bakery
  4. Airlines & Cruise Ships
  5. Food Retail and CVs Stores

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