Carpigiani Turbomix 10


by Carpigiani

The Carpigiani Turbomix 10 is an indispensable instrument to prepare all sorts of mix in the modern ice cream parlour. It can be used to whisk, blend, emulsify, break-up dry or fibrous ingredients and separate greases in liquids, in order to obtain perfectly homogeneous ice cream mixes.

Besides that, it is very useful in making confectionery products. The Turbomix 10 can be used to blend and emulsify thick products, producing many other foodstuffs as well as materials used in chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

The blender has a stable, vertical structure upon which the motor support arm is fixed; it has a powerful variable-speed motor, with vertical and oscillating movement; two different emulsifiers, a cutter and an optional steel bucket.



Carpigiani Turbomix 10

An upgraded machine with a combination of both blender and homogeniser used to prepare any Artisan Gelato and other mixes. Creating a smooth and consistent texture of various confectionery products.

Cream Emulsifier

  • An ideal floor-standing blender to break up classic pastry cream, which can be oily, dense or sugary, into the base mix.
  • High-speed rotation and shape of the rotor facilitate the speedy emulsification of the pastries, bringing out the best fragrance and creamiest flavour.

Fruit Emulsifier

  • Suitable for chopping and mixing pieces of fresh or frozen fruit and hence, blending fruit puree into the base.
  • Useful for powder mixing, such as sugars and cold stabilisers (to prepare water-based mixes).

Optional Cutter

  • A rotary blender that has the ability to chop significantly large pieces of fruit, such as whole pears and apples.
  • Works perfectly with emulsifiers to transform blended fruit into a fine, easy-to-mix puree.


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