Carpigiani Maestro HE- Batch Freezer and Pastry Machine


by Carpigiani

Carpigiani Maestro HE contains Hot-Cold-Dynamic® Adaptive technology.

It automatically recognizes the type and quantity of mixture, dynamically regulates Cold and Hot Gas, optimizing heat exchange during freezing and regulates the Hot Gas to avoid burns during production.

Maestro benefits from all of Carpigiani’s experience with Labotronic, the most popular artisanal gelato batch freezer in the world, featuring intelligent and dynamic management of the whole production process.



Carpigiani Maestro HE- Batch Freezer and Pastry Machine


In Maestro, hot and cold temperatures were produced with the refrigeration compressor and four integrated circuits, all managed by the Hot-Cold-Dynamic® system. Maestro benefits from all Carpigiani‘s experience with Labotronic, the most popular artisanal gelato batch freezer worldwide. Besides that, it features an intelligent and dynamic management of the whole production process.


On top of that, Maestro benefits from all Carpigiani’s experience with Pastochef, the most popular pastry cream pasteurizers in artisanal production areas. It is indispensable for the automatic production of sweet specialties. In addition, it requires accurate production processes and temperatures, especially when it comes to tempering chocolate.


Gelato and pastry with one machine:

  • 13 gelato programs, 2 programs for Sicilian and cremolate slush with 6 cycles to produce sauces and toppings.
  • 6 programs to produce different types of creams and for chocolate processing.
  • 6 special programs for desserts and gelato.

Additional Quality:

  • Optional Ice Cream beater.


  • Beater without central shaft, but with POM blades for total extraction of gelato, and
  • Because of its self-regulating scraper blades, it constantly cleans the cylinder and increases the yielding area.
  • Post-cooling: The activation of cold temperatures are to maintain the consistency of the extracted gelato.
  • LCD display shows the ingredients to be added during production, thus to facilitate the operator in the execution of the recipes.
  • Machine comes with recipe book.


  • Enables machine user to use product while standing, and
  • Washing made easier with the stainless steel sprayer attached to a lock in front of the machine.
  • Easy way: Use the batch freezer when preparing and pasteurizing the mix.
  • Tray-lock mat enables extraction but also enhance variegation.
  • Customizable production menu.

Additional Convenience:

  1. Optional Dispensing door with Crystal program to be used to fill containers and jars.
  2. Optional Water Filling to dispense the precise amount of water required, saving time and avoiding measurement errors.


  • Carpigiani’s High Efficiency technology decreases the production time.
  • In addition, it reduces the electricity and water consumption up to 30%, compared to previous Carpigiani’s batch freezers (30% compared to RTX models).
  • Auto defrost procedure initiates to restart production when there is a power failure or accidental stoppage.

Additional Safety:

  1. Optional Teorema: The use of Internet not only make monitoring easier, but diagnosing as well.


  • One-piece cylinder to increase cleanliness and guaranteed hygiene.
  • Facilitates cleaning, for instance, with hot wash, detachable extraction chute and Scotch-Brite treatment.
  • The cleaning cycle takes time but it guarantees hygienic state with temperature control in the cylinder when the gelato were extracted.


** Therefore, request a Carpi Care Kit from your dealer to keep your machine germ-free.


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