Maruzen Fryer (Multiple Kitchen Fryer Series)

by Maruzen

MARUZEN FRYER (GAS/ELECTRIC/IH-SERIES) with an improved technology with an adaptation to the kitchen environment. Suppressing heat from main body.

Available in 152 models.




Consist of 152 models made of full stainless steel and top-quality function for easy-use.

Series available in various size are of a range of gas, electric and IH.

Features of Maruzen Commercial Fryer

  • Models with Suzuchu equipment prevents overheating and cools surface of equipment.
  • Equipped with overheating prevention device in case temperature rises abnormally.
  • Stainless steel made.
  • Parts warranty included.
  • (Option) Automatic open-close lid spec. for IH tabletop fryer.

Category of available series:

  1. Gas <Suzuchu>
  2. Gas <Standard>
  3. Gas <Excellent>
  4. Gas <Tabletop conveyor>
  5. Gas continuous auto fryer
  6. Electric
  7. Electric <Single/Double auto lift>
  8. Electric <Tempura>
  9. Electric continuous auto fryer <small>
  10. Oil Filter
  11. Doughnut fryer
  12. IH <Tabletop/Tabletop with auto lift>
  13. IH <Round-shaped>
  14. IH <Auto lift>


Download PDF for more information on the multiple series available

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