Moffat Turbofan P8M Electric Prover/Holding Cabinet (PSeries)

by Moffat


An electrically heated prover and holding cabinet based on the Turbofan P Series by Moffat.

It has double-skin construction with stainless steel interior and exterior sides, front and top.

Controlled by a mechanical thermostat and humidity via a control of the water tank. In addition, a thermometer to indicate the cabinet temperature.

Mounted on castors, with 2 rigid rear castors and 2 front dual wheels with swivel locks.

Units will be shipped in 100% recyclable packaging.

* The P8 (PSeries) can stand-alone or stacked with the E32D4 (30Series).




The Turbofan P Series is an upgraded range of commercial prover/holding cabinet by Moffat.

Holds 8 full-size tray and has an auto-fill humidity generator with easy to use controls.

Can be used individually or with an E32D4 Moffat Turbofan oven model. Plus, this series is ideal as bread proofer and food regenerator for quick serve.

It comes with a reversible left or right hand hinged door and a plug-in connection which makes it easy to install.


W: 735mm D: 810mm H: 914mm
Volume: 0.76m3
Packed Weight: 95.3kg

Standard P Series Features

  • Compact width prover/holding cabinet.
  • Full double-skin construction.
  • Auto water fill system.
  • Off/Prove/Hold mode selection.
  • Low velocity circulation fan system.
  • Humidity level control.
  • Dual halogen cabinet interior lamps.
  • 2 front dual wheels with swivel locks and 2 rigid rear castors.

Turbofan P8M Prover/Holding Cabinet Features

  • Manual control.
  • 8 (460mm x 660mm) full-size sheet pan capacity.
  • 16 (460mm x 330mm) half-size sheet pan capacity.
  • 8 (600mm x 400mm) tray capacity.
  • 76mm tray spacing.
  • Mechanical thermostat 20-85°C.
  • Cabinet temperature thermometer.
  • Air heating and humidity tank control panel indicator.
  • Continuous door seal.
  • 10A plug-in cordset fitted.
  • Single-phase connection.

Optional Accessories:

  • 3M Cuno water filter kit complete with cartridge and connection fittings.


Download PDF for more information on the Moffat Turbofan P8M (PSeries)

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