RATIONAL CombiMaster® Plus Combi Oven (CMP-Series)


RATIONAL COMBIMASTER® PLUS (CMP-SERIES) Combi Oven provides a tailor-made solution for every challenges met by any commercial kitchen environment.

The CombiMaster® Plus is precise in every aspect: provides sophisticated technology to support each chef’s individual craftsmanship. As a result, it produces outstanding quality, reduces raw materials usage and saves significant time with the latest automatic cleaning function.

It is rugged, easy to operate and offers enticing functions that ensure the highest possible food quality (crispy crusts, succulent roasts, intense aromas, attractive colours and retained vitamins and minerals).

Guaranteed by the precision controlled cooking cabinet climate and the accurate setting of temperature, air humidity, air flow and cooking time.


* Available in 6 Gas/Electric models  (CMP 61, CMP 62, CMP 101, CMP 102, CMP 201 and CMP202).




The CombiMaster® Plus by Rational made for those who are looking for a manual-operated classic combi-steamer.

Its high-performance heat exchanger gas burners were awarded the innovative prize by the German gas industry due to its low-emission combustion.

Benefits at a glance

  • Limitless cooking variety.
  • Ideal cooking performance.
  • Easy-to-use controls.
  • Optimum cooking cabinet climate, ClimaPlus® precisely maintains humidity within an ideal range.

General Features and Technological Advantages

  • USB port.
  • Probe for core temperature measurement.
  • 100 cooking programmes with up to 6 steps.
  • 5 programmable airspeed fan.
  • Cool function for fast cabinet cooling.
  • Fresh steam generator.
  • Low rack height (increases work safety).
  • Rear-ventilated double glass door with heat reflective coating.
  • Integrated door drip pan.
  • Cabinet with splash guard (prevents water from spilling out).
  • Demand-responsive energy supply.
  • An integral sealing mechanism on standalone units.
  • Up to 28% smaller footprints (reduce energy losses).
  • Automatic cleaning.
  • Hand shower with automatic retracting system and water shut-off mechanism.
  • Choice of temperature unit (°C or °F).

5 reasons to choose RATIONAL CombiMaster Plus: 

Steam Mode: 30°C to 130°C

  1. The high-performance fresh steam generator with new steam control constantly produces hygienic fresh steam.
  2. Able to cook without adding water and prevent long waits for the water to boil.
  3. Constant cooking cabinet temperature and maximum steam saturation guarantee a steady and gentle cooking process, producing the best food quality.
  4. Even sensitive food such as crème caramel, quiches, fine fish or mousselines will succeed with minimal effort in large quantities.

Convection Mode: 30°C to 300 °C

  1. Hot air circulated at high speed flows around the food from each side.
  2. Constant hot air up to 300 °C is not just a technical detail, but a necessary reserve power, even when there is a full load.

Combi-Steamer Mode: 30°C to 300°C

  1. Combination mode has advantages, such as shorter cooking time, reduces up to 50% cooking wastage, and producing succulent foodstuff.
  2. The benefits of the convection-hot steam mode hold the responsibility to create the intense aroma, vibrant food colour and crispy crusts.

Fishing: Consistent decoupling of production and output

  1. From side dishes to a complete menu, the optimum climate to prepare food (heating up and from chilled to serving temperature) with CombiMaster® Plus perfectly.
  2. Gaining flexibility and customers’ satisfaction, both sides will be able to enjoy the food experience (no more long waiting time and losing quality in food).

Automatic cleaning

  1. The new automatic cleaning function cleans the equipment hygienically, even overnight if required.

RATIONAL Combi Oven CMP Accessories:

  • Gastronorm containers and grids.
  • Cross and stripe grill grate.
  • Grill and pizza tray.
  • CombiFry®.    
  • Duck and Chicken Superspike.
  • Multibaker.
  • 4 versions of stands and floor units (for CombiMaster® Plus tabletop units).
  • Ultravent/Ultravent Plus condensation technology.


Download Spec Sheet for more information on the CMP61 model

Download Spec Sheet CMP61E Download Spec Sheet CMP61G

Download Spec Sheet for more information on the CMP62 model

Download Spec Sheet CMP62E Download Spec Sheet CMP62G

Download Spec Sheet for more information on the CMP101 model

Download Spec Sheet CMP101E Download Spec Sheet CMP101G

Download Spec Sheet for more information on the CMP102 model

Download Spec Sheet CMP102E Download Spec Sheet CMP102G

Download Spec Sheet for more information on the CMP201 model

Download Spec Sheet CMP201E Download Spec Sheet CMP201G

Download Spec Sheet for more information on the CMP202 model

Download Spec Sheet CMP202E Download Spec Sheet CMP202G

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