Carpigiani High-Performance Counter-Top Batch Freezer

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Carpigiani High-Performance Counter-Top Batch Freezer

Professional and reliable to expand your menu with new, surprising recipes. Carpigiani’s counter-top batch freezer offers greater choice when deciding on a machine from its restaurant range. Ideal for food service and catering, they make it possible to free gelato and sorbets.

Available in two sizes: 6/9 XPL P and 8/12 XPL P


Carpigiani High-Performance Counter-Top Batch Freezer

A counter-top batch freezer for gelato and sorbets. Perfect for small to medium-sized restaurants or shops looking to produce in a small quantity and fresher product. This counter top machine is also perfect for research and development of new flavors without the need to produce large batch of gelato products. Shop owners or chefs is able to create new flavors, test and fine tune their recipe with a small batch freezer to prevent wastage.


  • A variety of freezing program selection, such as Gelato, Sorbet, Slush or Crystal to unleash your creativity.


  • Hard-O-Tronic® system senses when the gelato reaches its optimum consistency, thus maintains it until extraction.


  • It uses a single-phase power supply.
  • In addition, this machine is air cooled and fits simply among other kitchen equipment.
  • Command buttons are operational even when the lid is open (Allowing production to start while adding the mix).


  • When the lid opens during freezing, the beater immediately stops.

Additional Safety:

  1. Besides that, the optional Teorema technology makes the use of Internet easier to monitor and diagnose problems.


  • The machine is quick and easy to clean.
  • For deep cleaning purpose, for instance, there is a removable extraction chute.
  • The cleaning cycle takes time but it is hygiene guaranteed because of the constant temperature control in the cylinder when gelato is extracted.

Additional Features:

  1. Standard 13A plug, 230vm fuse size 8
  2. 360 x 550 x 740mm (w/d/h)
  3. Condenser: Air

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* Available in 6/9 XPL P and 8/12 XPL P

The quantity per cycle and production time vary based on mixes used. The “Max” values refer to classic Italian artisanal gelato. Performance value refers to 25°C room temperature. Labo machines manufactured by Carpigiani using a UNI EN ISO 9001 Certified Quality System. All specifications mentioned must be considered approximate; Carpigiani reserves the right to modify, without notice, all parts deemed necessary.

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