Carpigiani- Leading Batch freezer machine & Soft Ice Cream machine in malaysia

Carpigiani - Leading Batch Freezer Machine & Soft Ice-Cream Machine in Malaysia

Since 1946, Carpigiani has established themselves as a market leader with the production of batch freezers (gelato machine or ice-cream machine), pasteurizer, soft ice cream and pastry machines to produce gelato, ice-cream, pastry, soft-serve, frozen yoghurt, frozen desserts and many more in the foodservice industry.

Approximately 100 million people in the world eats gelato made with Carpigiani machines. By being the world’s finest quality machines for Gelato, Soft-Serve & Pastry, Carpigiani has placed technology and innovation at the centre of their growth to ensure top performance, quality production, hygiene as well as a peace of mind during operations. This technology and extensive built-in programs allows not only an entire gelato production in a single machine, but also accommodate slush, gelato crystals, yoghurt, and even pastries. Carpigiani has a range of products for different types of production needs from countertop batch freezer or soft ice cream machine to floor standing units as well as air cooled or water cooled.

Partnership with Allied Foodservice Equipment

Carpigiani has partnered with Allied Foodservice Equipment as the sole Carpigiani distributor in Malaysia to provide support on its machine with spare parts availability, servicing, and training of the equipment. Priority is given to Allied Foodservice Equipment customers first and Allied only services Carpigiani machines. Several named franchise chains and popular dessert cafes such as Llao Llao, Godiva, Joybean, Cold Stone, Gelato Fruity, Tokyo Milk Cheese and many more depending on their machine for consistent and reliable output, hygiene and ease of use for smooth running operations.

Carpigiani University

Carpigiani Gelato University is an international center of learning dedicated to training entrepreneurs who want to enter the gelato business or who already work with gelato and want to improve on their skills and ability. Click Here to visit their website.


Origin: Italy